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"We all know that next season of Downton Abbey will be the exploration of Mary’s post-Matthew life, but what about the other grief-stricken women on the show? Namely, poor Isobel Crawley. “Well, she’s quite obviously like Mary — she’s in a very sad predicament because she’s a widow herself, but she also has no child,” executive producer Gareth Neame tells me. “She’s now lost. What is her purpose? She’s an oldish woman, she has no family left at all, what’s the point of her? I think that’s going to be her question.”

But while she finds herself in a place of sadness, Neame says “her family and relatives will have to rally and try to get her to turn back to life and find some purpose because she does have a grandchild.”

One thing she most definitely does not have, however? Ambitions for more from her relationship with Dr. Clarkson, who proposed to her in the finale. While there were some fans who questioned whether Isobel had realized he was proposing, Neame clears the air. “My reading of it is, like all women, she is quite perceptive and suddenly — in the horror or horrors — realizes that the doctor is thinking that they could become a couple. And before he even was able to get the words that suggested it, she just very nicely and politely came out with the suggestion that that wasn’t the road to go down,” he clarifies.” (x)

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    Don’t you worry babies, Doctor Clarkson will come to our rescue, I’m sure of it (and hope is the last to die!)
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    Faced with such ignorance from TPTB I can only say: Thank God for Fanfic! (and those who write them)
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    Well this is pretty bollocksy. FELLOWES DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR OWN CHARACTERS. Seriously only watching now to take...
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    Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God. OH GOD. I don’t like at all that article, it makes my anxious - as to say, the...
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    So no wedding for Isobel :) ?
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